Getting the Most from Cannabis Concentrates

Getting the Most from Cannabis Concentrates

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Consuming cannabis concentrates can sound like an intimidating proposition to the uninitiated—especially if it involves using a butane torch and complex glass rigs that are common in “dabbing.” However, when consumed in a more controllable fashion, high-quality concentrates like live rosins can deliver a very clean, measured, and delicious experience. In fact, many consumers enjoy dabbing because they are able to access all of the available terpenes and cannabinoids without the ash that comes from burning dried flower.

The most common dabbing method involves heating a “banger” or “nail” to very high temperatures (~1000 °F or greater), often with a butane torch. Then, a “dab” of concentrate is placed onto the hot surface where it volatilizes rapidly. The user subsequently inhales the vapor through water in a “rig” that is essentially a bong. This can be quite intense.

Many dabbers assume that dabs are safer than smoking because there is no ash from plant material. While lack of ash is a good thing, high temperature dabs may actually contain harmful compounds. A study out of Portland State University, funded by the NIH, concluded that terpenes exposed to high temperatures degrade into toxic chemicals such as methacrolein and benzene, which are known carcinogens.

Perhaps that’s why many dabbers, especially those who are seeking purity and flavor, turn to “cold start” dabs. Cold start dabs extend those terpene flavors and are safer by keeping the temperatures as low as possible. In contrast to high-temperature dabbing, cold start dabs are when you place the concentrate onto the nail/banger before you start to heat it. This way, the dab volatilizes as you warm it up. However, due to limited exposed surface area, this method is inefficient and leaves quite a bit of waste material.

Now, you can enjoy the flavors and health benefits of a cold start dab but without the torch and complicated gear. Prrl Labs’ has developed a new kind of concentrate pad, called the Saucer, that gives you complete control, while delivering rich, prodigious vapor. The Saucer is made from organic plant fibers that are compressed to form a highly absorptive, interwoven mesh. It fits perfectly into the Terp Surfer pipe and you just put a small amount of concentrate on top. The heated air from the Neo melts the dab and wicks the oils along the all-natural fibers, providing maximum surface area for extremely efficient vaporization.

The Neo extracts the best flavor out of a variety of concentrates (even tricky to manage sugar sauces!) at lower temperatures because of its higher extraction efficiency. This is especially true if you keep the power level low and use a steady inhalation to move the heat evenly through the material. And, unlike the stainless steel wire pads used in other vaporizers, the all-natural material doesn’t taint or impact the flavor in any way. Nor does it drip or waste your product. While you can reload the Saucer several times before composting it, you shouldn’t try to clean it with alcohol.

Another great way to consume concentrates with the Neo is by putting a bit of concentrate on top of the flower, or sandwiching it between layers of flower. Using the Neo on combinations of flower and concentrates opens a world of possibilities for combining effects and flavors. Try combining Purple Punch flower with a Limonene-heavy strain to experience an explosion of fruity flavors. Or, pair Jack Herer flower with some Jack Herer concentrate to get the most potent Jack Herer flavor and effects possible.

The Neo, Terp Surfer, and Saucer are powerful tools that work together to give you the ultimate control over your cannabis experiences – even with concentrates!

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