Press Release: Prrl Labs Launches World's First A.I. Budtender

Press Release: Prrl Labs Launches World's First A.I. Budtender

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As the cannabis industry continues to become more mainstream, there is a growing interest in how technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), could revolutionize the way that cannabis dispensaries operate. Oregon-based Prrl Labs, Inc. is proud to unveil ChatTHC, the first artificial intelligence system designed to assist customers with selecting and purchasing cannabis products.

ChatTHC provides a more efficient and personalized experience, delivering recommendations based on the customer's preferences, medical conditions, and desired effects. The virtual assistant uses natural language processing to understand the customer's needs and provide recommendations based on the dispensary's inventory.

Prrl Labs also plans to provide customers with more information about the products they are considering. Upcoming version releases will analyze lab results, terpene profiles, and even a person's genetic profile. This will provide a more detailed description of the likely effects of a particular cannabis strain, allowing customers to make more informed decisions and ensuring that they are getting the right product for their needs.

Prrl Labs CEO Mark Lewis is also making two additional announcements today, "We are in the final stages of talks with robotics firm Boston Dynamics to give customers a way to have physical interaction with ChatTHC's software. Secondly, we're excited to have received special dispensation from the SEC and Federal Judiciary for well-known entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes to be the voice of our chatbot."

Hollywood is also paying attention. American actor Woody Harrelson is an early investor who has been beta testing the technology. "I recently hosted Saturday Night Live and used ChatTHC to help me navigate the choices in one of those fancy New York dispensaries. All I told it was, 'I want a strain that makes me hilarious'. It suggested Laughing Buddha, a 75/25 sativa-dominant strain that aligned with my DNA profile. The proof is in the pudding - I killed it that night, I think... honestly I can't remember much."

"Some may fear that AI will replace budtenders, but it is important to remember that technology is not meant to replace human interaction entirely...until it tells us that it is. Hopefully, by then we'll have a strain that eliminates the existential dread associated with our species' denouement," Lewis added.

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