Why Dry Herb Vaporization is Growing in Popularity

Why Dry Herb Vaporization is Growing in Popularity

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Overview: The vaporization of dry herb is growing in popularity as people discover the amazing experiences it has to offer. Not only is it healthier, but it also gives control over many facets of the experience. Kicking ash has many advantages, and Prrl Labs' vaporization technology empowers you to go a step further in creating a unique experience that suits your needs.

by Jamie Toth

Lung Health

I feel far better after vaporizing flower than I do after smoking flower - and science agrees. Since combustion is avoided, so is all of the damage from the compounds in smoke. Overall, people who vaporize cannabis also reported fewer respiratory issues than those who smoked, and a 2003 study found that cannabis used in a dry herb vaporizer contained the same therapeutic doses of cannabinoids with fewer harmful pyrolytic compounds.

Control over quality of product

Those who treat growing cannabis like a craft will tell you anything and everything about their product – from what they feed it to how they keep bugs away from it. Often, those invested in organic and sustainable methods will go into even more extensive detail about their practices and soil growing exercises so that consumers can be aware of what’s in their cannabis. The same can’t yet be said for the oil that is in cartridges – or in the atomizers that help them work.

A Terpene-rich Experience

We all love terpenes, right? One of the great tricks with vaporization is that you can control your experience with cannabis by varying the temperatures. Vaporizing cannabis that has a high amount of terpenes at high, mid, and low temperatures can bring out different flavors and effects. Because the Neo is controlled by your breath, you’re able to surf the vapor to find the exact experience you are seeking.

The Neo

The Neo


The Neo is a butane-free replacement for your pocket lighter that extracts the beneficial compounds of your herb without the ash and other toxic elements that make you cough and smell skunky. Just like the movie character, the Neo has… read more


Terpenes taste best when they’re not on fire, and vaporization enhances the flavors of cannabis by stepping out of the way.

Fans of King of the Hill will remember “Taste the meat, not the heat!” Dry herb vaping is a way to do just that, and the Neo builds on it by giving a breath-controlled experience that can help you discover new complexities and nuances.


Much like cartridges, vaporizing is discreet. There are no strong smells that will stay on your clothing or linger long past their welcome. The strongest smell is from the flower itself.


It’s very convenient to dry herb vaporize, especially with the Neo, which doesn’t constrain you to long sessions.


After vaped bud has already been decarboxylated by the very process of you enjoying it — and there’s even a subreddit dedicated to its uses, such as water curing it for use in tinctures, butters, or oils.

The Ritual

For many of us, the hands-on tactile ritual of preparing the cannabis for consumption is part of the experience. The Neo is exceptional for allowing all of those important pieces of ritual to stay in place, but replacing the lighter. Long pulls result in a satisfying warm glow that brings its own ritual to cannabis consumption. For those that have invested in their collection of glass and other custom pipes, the Neo will unlock new experiences through those beloved pieces by transforming ash-laden smoke into flavorful, aromatic vapor.

The Neo will help you experience rich, delicious vapor from any bowl.

Dry herb vaporization is growing in popularity because it has so much to offer people that are seeking a way to deepen their experience with cannabis while promoting their health. Using our No-Burn Technology, the Neo gives an even more bespoke experience, by allowing you to adjust for the flavors and effects you enjoy using the power of your breath.

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