Thinking outside the (black) box

We use the term “black box” in conversations all the time. Almost anything might be referred to as a black box: an engine, an algorithm, a government cabal, your partner’s brain, etc. A more scientific definition of a black box is, "a device that may be viewed in terms of its inputs and outputs without any knowledge of its internal workings." 

Sometimes this is great - it's more convenient when things just work and we don't need to think about how. For example, I don’t necessarily need to know the videogame code, the inner workings of the gears on my bike, or my flashlight’s firmware. I understand that companies have intellectual property they want to protect; if the output meets my needs, I'll exchange this knowledge for convenience.

However when things don’t work, black boxes are terrible. We become beholden to customer service and have to wait on the phone for hours instead of being able to pick up a screwdriver and fix something in minutes. It can make one go all Brad Pitt.

Another problem with black boxes is their potential to negatively impact our health without our knowledge, yet with our active involvement. What happens in the box may change the output in ways that are toxic, yet indiscernible. Examples are numerous, but the lead content in red lipstick, pesticides in imported honey, or Vitamin E acetate in oil-based pen vapes are particularly vexing.

Which brings us to the state of the herbal vaporizer industry! While temperature settings and LED lights give us a sense of control, these features don’t help us know what’s going on in the (literal) black box of most vaporizers. What’s the heating element made out of? How hot does the actual heating element get...and how does it break down with repeated use? What’s in the vapor pathway? How does the material in the vapor pathway react to heat? What are the taste and health impacts of all of these materials?

It’s natural for people to compare our product, the Neo, to other vaporizers on the market. While we do vaporize (verb), we bristle at the comparison with vaporizers (product category) because we intentionally developed the Neo to give our customers a fundamentally different experience.

We believe that people deserve to know all the materials in our product. We want them to enjoy not only the herb, but their peace of mind. We use only high-end ceramics, quartz, and superalloy heating elements that don’t off-gas because they are designed for the higher temperature demands of aerospace and medical applications. Our heat source doesn't touch the material, so there is never any hidden combustion that releases toxins. Most importantly, you can interact with your herb while using the Neo, so you can get a pull-by-pull idea of how your herb is evolving in the pipe or bowl. 

Because your health matters, because the flower should be respected, because taste is important - these were the driving forces behind our design of the Neo. There shouldn’t be a black box involved with anything that impacts your health.

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Does it Neo?

My neo was exactly what I was looking for. A way to vaporize my Cannabis with any bong of my choice. I use it daily and have become such a fan.

This Old Hippie Loves It!

While I wish I could have something like this to vape oil, I am still absolutely delighted to have this tool to make it easy for me to vape flower. When you reach a certain age you may find yourself sick and tired of dealing with complex ways to vape (or otherwise indulge). This not only makes vaping easy, but it makes it easier than smoking.

Having smoked cigarettes, and other things for MANY years I no longer want to smoke. It's a proven cause of cancer (at least smoking cigarettes is) and it irritates my throat and lungs. I prefer vaping, but except for Pax pods for concentrates and the Neo with a pipe full of flower, I haven't found a really easy way that's also effective. I have tried many other vapes but they were never as efficient or effective as the Neo is with a simple pipe. I don't want to deal with the amount of fire and heat needed to vape oil or to constantly clean glass pieces. I'm OLD, I want to take it EASY, but I still want to use flower to deal with pain and anxiety (and for enjoyment, but don't tell the people who gave me my medical card that I actually enjoy getting high). Neo really does it for old farts like me! My son, who pointed me towards the Neo, also loves it, so it's not just a tool for the old and arthritic, but it works well for us too! For those of you who have parents who are old, unrepentant hippies like me, please make sure that when you finally have to send them to nursing homes, make sure to send them somewhere that allows unlimited vaping and has rocking chairs on the porch where they can partake and enjoy nature at the same time. It won't just make it easier for us, but will make it easier for our caretakers (because we will be pleasant old people rather than grumpy, old ladies and men who yell at kids for walking on the grass).

Loving the Neo

Really enjoying using the Neo. Produces great flavor and extracts really well. I also got the purr bowl and it definitely adds another level of efficiency but it is a ton of fun trying out different pieces with the Neo.

Super Nice!

An awesome case, with superb craftsmanship. I like it a lot and I am very happy with the purchase.

Fits like it was made for it, which it was.

Thanks guys. The Neo, the Purr glass bowl and this case. A terrific trinity.

A Neo Experience

Loving my Neo! It looks really solid and quality built and delivers terpy full convection vapor with most of my pipes and rigs. Free air flow. A bit of practice is required in order to find the right draw rate, wattage and preheating need but no rocket science there. Definitely a a top notch device!