Pre-order pricing!

Pre-order pricing!

We are excited to bring the Neo to the world!

From Thursday, September 24th to Thursday, October 8th we will be running a limited time promotion for early adopters. 

This is a pre-order campaign, meaning that we have tested prototypes from the manufacturer, are happy with the design, and are starting our production run.

However, they won't be packaged and shipped until late November.

The Neo retails for $199, however, in exchange for your patience and early support, we are offering the following promotions during the pre-order campaign:

  1. The first 50 purchases get 50% off
  2. The next 75 purchases get 40% off
  3. The next 100 purchases get 30% off
  4. Everyone gets 20% off for the duration of the campaign (two weeks or until our first production run of 500 units sells out, whichever comes first) 

 You can shop for the Neo and find your savings opportunity here.

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