About us

About Prrl Labs

Prrl Labs was founded out of a quest to create the simplest, purest, and most effective way for you to enjoy your favorite herb. Without the smoke. Without the ash. Without the burn.
With some of the world’s finest varietals cultivated here in Oregon, we wanted to enjoy the entire spectrum of tastes and benefits, and to do so as healthy and naturally as possible.
We tried a number of vaporizers on the market and they never seemed to live up to their promise. We were frustrated with the various lids, apps, and chambers, which always seemed to take something away from the experience. And, cleaning them was a never ending hassle. Moreover, we wanted rich, delicious vapor each and every time we used them—not just the first sesh or two. 
One day, out in the little green shed that’s Mark’s workshop, we became captivated by a simple idea. What if we just replaced our lighter with perfectly heated air? Then, we could enjoy a healthier and tastier vapor from our favorite pipes, but without combustion.
We created a few prototypes and tested those out with some friends. While a bit incredulous at first, invariably, a look of delight, awe, and fascination came over people’s faces. We knew that we were onto something very special. 
Our simple idea became an obsession.
Over the past two years, we’ve worked hard to create simple and effective technology that enhances your experience instead of getting in the way of it. And, quality that you can count on to deliver the ultimate in flavor, purity, and control. Whether you're an aficionado or simply curious, we invite you to join us and taste the difference.

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