Getting started with the Neo

The Neo replaces the butane lighter and transforms almost any pipe into your personal, combustion-free extraction device—delivering all of the aromatics, flavors, and benefits, without any of the harmful ash and tars from combustion. 

This short guide takes both new and experienced consumers alike through the process of optimizing your experience from start to finish.

As with any new technology, there will be a short learning curve as you get to know the Neo. Remember learning how to not burn your fingers with a Bic? With just a little bit of practice, it will be second nature. 

We want the Neo to bring you hours of delight. So, also check out our FAQs and please let us know if you have any further questions. 


Things to keep in mind

  • The seal is critical— any gaps will act like a carb and let in cold air rather than be drawn through the Neo.
  • The temperature is controlled by how strongly you inhale plus the power level. Pay attention to the flow and the glow, and slow down your pull.
  • Patience! If the Neo’s atomizer is cold, be sure to pre-heat
  • Puff, puff, PULL to dial in your preferred vapor density, take a series of gentle, 1-2 second “cigar puffs” until you taste and see the vapor you want. Then, feel free to take a long, slow pull. This will soon become second nature.
  • Play! Once you master in the basics, there are a lot of nuances to explore.
Note: if you have not used a flower vaporizer before, you may feel thrown off by the lack of stink, cough, and the dizzying onset you sometimes get with smoking. The density of your cloud will be less than with smoking because there won't be any ash, tars, and residues in it. If you taste it, then it's working. The onset of physical effects will be noticeably more predictable, rather than sudden. But take care, the effects can be deeper and more complex than with smoking, since you will not be burning up and wasting the active compounds in your herb.

    Getting Started

    1. Prepare your bowl: Use ground herb. Tamp to remove air pockets.
    2. On/Off: Click the power button three times very quickly.
    3. Set your power: Use the up/down buttons to adjust. Start with three diamonds. Adjust to suit your preferred style.
    4. Preheat: If the Neo is cold, double-click the power button for a 30-second auto fire cycle. You should only need to do this step at the beginning of a session or if the Neo has cooled off.
    5. Seal: Place the quartz chimney against the rim of your bowl. Use the silicone adapter if needed. Any gaps will reduce the effectiveness.
    6. Glow: Press and hold the power button, or double-click to autofire.
    7. Puff, Puff, Pull: take short cigar puffs until you can taste and see vapor. Then, take a long, slow draw.
    8. Release the power button to turn off the glow. Or if auto-firing, just click any button to stop. Continuing your draw for a few seconds after release will cool your Neo and optimize battery consumption.
    9. Stir & Tamp: Do this frequently to maximize extraction efficiency.


    • The ceramic atomizer and quartz chimney get hot during use and can remain hot for several minutes. Use responsibly and be mindful where you place it.
    • Activating the heating coil without airflow may cause it to overheat. If you notice your Neo getting very hot during use, check to make sure that you have a good seal, which will ensure cool air is being drawn into the Neo.
    • Never try to remove the atomizer from the battery module. Doing so may damage your device and will void the warranty.


      What’s in the box

      • The Neo herbal atomizer
      • Silicone adapter
      • USB-C charging cable
      • Caution card
      • 18650 Li-ion battery, 2500 mAh 

      Preparing for Launch

      1) Read and follow all safety precautions for handling Li-ion batteries!

      2) Open the battery compartment door using your fingernail in the small indentation at the base of the side panel. 

      3) Remove the safety tab from the top of the battery, and replace the battery door. 

      4) Charge fully before first use.

      Li-ion Safety & Warnings

      Please read and follow the safety instructions below. Improper use or failure to heed warnings may result in fire, personal injury, and/or property damage. Use only high discharge 18650 Lithium-ion batteries with a rating of at least 15A.

      • NEVER remove the protective, plastic sheathing. If the sheathing is damaged around the positive terminal, DO NOT USE and dispose of immediately.
      • DO NOT SHORT CIRCUIT. Short circuits may cause a fire and injury!
      • Charge the battery fully before first use.
      • Always keep battery inside a plastic or non-conductive battery case when not in the Neo. 
      • Do not keep a bare battery in your pocket, purse, or anywhere together with other metal (conductive) objects. 
      • If the battery is damaged in any way stop using it immediately.
      • Never charge, store, or use the Neo in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
      • Do not expose the Neo to water or salt water, or allow the battery to get wet.

      Selecting & preparing your bowl

      • The Neo will work with many different styles of bowls and pipes. Choose one that will make a good seal with the quartz chimney—smooth, round, and slightly larger than 3/4”
      • Using a screen or glass daisy will keep herb particles in the bowl and out of your mouth.
      • Fill your bowl with ground herb. Make sure to have at least half a bowl for best results.
      • Tamp firmly to remove air pockets and prevent channeling. 

       Holding your Neo

      • Orient the Neo in a horizontal position, screen facing toward you.
      • Place your index finger across the base, and rest your thumb on the power button.
      • Adjust your grip so that you can comfortably position it vertically onto your bowl.

      Using the adapter

      The Neo works best when an effective seal is formed between the chimney and your bowl. Use the silicone adapter to improve your seal.

      • Slide the adapter onto the chimney until the notched edge meets the ceramic.
      • To remove, pull gently and peel adapter off the chimney.

        Powering down

        • The Neo's screen will sleep after 15 seconds of inactivity. Pressing any button will wake it and it will be ready for use.
        • Turn off your Neo with three quick clicks on the power button before stowing. 
        • The Neo will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of inactivity.


        When properly cared for, the Neo should provide you with years of enjoyment. Vapor arising from your bowl will discolor the chimney over time. Simply use an alcohol wipe to clean it. Let it dry thoroughly before using again.

        Clean your pipe and screen regularly to ensure the freshest tastes.


        Still have some questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us!