Quickstart guide

On/Off: Press the power button 3 times, rapidly.

Set your power: Use the down/up buttons at the bottom of the display. Start with level three. Adjust to suit your preferred style.
Prepare your pipe: We recommend using a pipe screen or glass daisy, then pack your bowl with the desired amount of ground herb. Tamp it lightly to eliminate air pockets.
Preheat: If the Neo is cold, double-click the power button for an automatic 30-second preheat cycle. You should only need to do this step at the beginning of a session or when the Neo has cooled off.

Other than preheating, do not use the Neo without airflow. It can become extremely hot.

Seal: Seat the quartz chimney around the rim of your bowl. Use the silicone adapter to ensure the best seal. If there are air gaps, cold air will reduce the effectiveness—kind of like trying to drink a milkshake through a straw with a hole it it.
Puff, puff, pull: Hold the power button down and take several short puffs until you can taste and see some vapor. Then, take a long, slow pull. Play with your technique until you are able to dial in the density of vapor you desire.
Stir: Every 2-3 pulls, stir and re-tamp the herb. This will ensure that you get the most out of your herb.