Results from our pre-order customer survey


In early November we sent this survey out to 151 pre-order customers and received results from 66 of them (43 finished). This is an excellent response rate to help us understand our first customers. 

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Five takeaways:

1. Versatility to use the Neo with any pipe or bong is the most popular value proposition, though other features were anticipated as well (better taste, improved health, more control, greater efficiency (less herb), and good design) 

2. Over 65% of our early adopters list their favorite method of consumption as “Dry Herb Vaporizing”. Many of our early adopters already have dry herb vaporizing devices; some just collect them, but some are dissatisfied with their performance and intrigued with the promise of the Neo. About 22% currently list their favorite method of consumption as a pipe, joint, or bong and are looking to convert to atomizing with the Neo instead of burning with butane

3. We asked about their current ‘set and setting’. The majority consume cannabis while at home (61%) and plan to use the Neo multiple times a day (79%)

4. Over 40% list their friends (online & real-life) as their most trusted source for cannabis-related advice, followed by 31% who trust online interest groups and 14% who prefer online review sites.

5. For their quick-start information needs, they prefer a) video instruction (28%), b) online detailed website instruction (25%) and c) paper instructions included with the device (20%)

Selected written feedback from open-ended questions: 

“There is nothing like in the vape industry. A vaporizer that works with any pipe is quite amazing.”
“Can't necessarily puff, puff, pass in these times. With the Neo everyone can have the vape experience within the pow-wow session.”
“More flexibility to use artisan pipes rather than being limited to vape-specific parts and accessories”
“Use with any pipe. I have several dry herb vapes, not sure if this will be better, but love the idea and the use with my glass that I stopped using when I went full-on vapor.”
“I wanted the versatility of using more bongs and pipes without getting more adapters or more specialized vaporizers in the process. Also, really like the USB-C charging.” 
“I am hoping the neo will replace my lighter. Can't wait!!”
“What I'm most looking forward to with this device is the possibility of less smoke and a cleaner, smoother hit.”

Our takeaways:

It seems we have two significant customer types: 1) those who are well-experienced with dry herb vaporizers and 2) those who currently combust with a pocket lighter and are looking for a different experience. To explore this theory further, we separated the replies from these two groups to look for areas of specialized interest.

Those who currently dry herb vape and care more about:

  1. The Neo’s versatility and design value propositions
  2. Recommendations by online interest groups

Those who currently combust and care more about 

  1. Health and efficiency value propositions
  2. Recommendations by budtenders and "in real life friends"

We think these customer types should be approached differently based on their values. Each presents their own unique challenges to make sure their past experiences don’t interfere with how they approach using the Neo the first time, so feedback on preferred methodology for training is informing our support documentation. 

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