Getting started with the Terp Surfer

As you may have noticed, the Terp Surfer isn’t like any other pipe on the market. Not only is it aesthetically unique, it is designed to optimize your experience.

Here’s how we use it:

  1. Fill the quartz cup close to the top with loosely ground herb. You can remove it from the docking ring to make filling easier. We usually spoon it in, but you can also use the cup itself to scoop directly from your grinder.
  2. If you have removed the cup from the docking ring, put it back into place. We suggest putting the o-ring on the titanium ring before inserting the cup. This will ensure that the ring sits properly and holds the cup firmly.
  3. Tamp your herb down with your pinky or a small tool until it’s about at the level of the o-ring. We have found that tamping improves the efficiency and the amount of vapor. The reason is similar to the science behind tamping espresso shots—it removes air pockets that would otherwise provide the air a low-resistance pathway. Thus, tamping forces the air to interact with more of your herb as it tries to find a way through.
  4. Follow the instructions for using the Neo.
  5. You don’t really have to stir your bowl, but we find that it helps get more from your herb. Remember to re-tamp it to remove air pockets.

Like any new technology, there is a learning curve and a slightly different technique is needed. We have found that most experienced consumers tend to pull too hard at first. You’ll get better results and much better control if you slow down your inhalation to be more breath-like rather than a “hit.”

The glow can provide great feedback on how warm the air is - when you pull cooler outside air too quickly through the Neo, the glow decreases rapidly, but when you pull it though slowly, the glow will remain to inform you that the air is being warmed efficiently. It's also important to pay attention to the taste and density of the vapor in your mouth - after a while you'll be able to taste when the vapor reaches an ideal pre-combustion point. At that point you can inhale more strongly for a dense extraction.


Still have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us!