Prrl Labs, Inc. provides a limited warranty on the NEO™ device against defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use for a period of (2) years from the date of purchase. This limited warranty is not  transferrable. If a warranty claim is received during this warranty period, Prrl Labs, Inc. will conduct one or more of the following actions, at its own discretion, to remedy the situation:

  1. Exchange the defective part with one that is functionally equivalent or a new part, or
  2. Repair the product defect, or
  3. Replace the NEO™ device with a brand new unit, or
  4. Refund the purchase for the full purchase price; at the discretion of Prrl Labs, Inc.


The Limited Warranty does not apply to any non Prrl Labs products. The Limited Warranty applies only to products manufactured by Prrl Labs, Inc. that can be clearly identified by the Prrl Labs trademark name or logo. The Limited Warranty does not apply to batteries.

This Limited Warranty will be considered null and void if it is determined that the NEO™ device is malfunctioning is a result of one or more of the following acts:

  • Damage caused by operating the NEO™ in a manner outside of what is recommended or permitted and as described in the user manual;
  • Using the NEO™ with a battery module supplied or manufactured by a third party;
  • Damage caused by product neglect, including droppage;
  • Damage caused by disassembling, manipulating, or altering the device in any way, including the firmware, or attempting your own repairs;
  • Damage to the cosmetic appearance of the NEO™ device, including, but not limited to scratches, dents, chipped or broken off parts;
  • Damage to the NEO™ device caused by misuse, abuse, theft, natural disasters or any other external causes.
  • Any failure to follow the Safety Instructions provided with this product


  1. Contact Prrl Labs at support@PrrlLabs.com. Our customer service agent will try to diagnose your problem and assist you in resolving it.
  2. If it is determined that you need to send your NEO™ device in for further examination, you will need to obtain an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number and shipping instructions from the Customer Service Representative.
  3. Please include a copy of your original sales receipt, any e-mail correspondence and RMA number with your shipment.
  4. Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs associated with the warranty process.
  5. Tracking numbers and signature are suggested as Prrl Labs, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen shipments.
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54 reviews

I absolutely love this thing, after trying so many different vapes, this one is the endgame for me and was exactly what I was looking for.

Love it!

The Neo from Prrl Labs is awesome. I haven't quite mastered it yet, so not every hit is great, but it really works as promised. I turn it up to 5 diamonds and I use the silicone adapter (even though I have the special bowl piece) because I think it makes a better seal. Once I perfect my technique, this thing will be a cloud machine. I highly recommend this product.

Perfect vapor!

The Neo has proven to be well worth the purchase price. I also grabbed one of the Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowls, which is a perfect addition to my heavy glass bong. With a slight very short learning curve I have been able to produce incredible tasting inhales every time. I liked it so much I went ahead and just purchased one of the leather cases to keep it safe. I found that it works best for me if I leave the silicone sleeve on permanently. I use this to vaporize cannabis for medical reasons and I am so pleased with the performance. It is so cool that it has turned all of my smoking pieces into vaporizers! And it performs as well as the best vaporizers that I previously purchased. Thank you.

The Neo Rocks!

This thing kicks ash! Love the concept and form factor. Unmatched flavor and the build quality is solid. Quick heat up and very user-friendly. I highly recommend along with the beautifully crafted leather case! :-)

It's a pretty great little device, and a nice alternative to a lighter

I love being able to use most any piece I have with the Neo. Occasionally it can be a little tough to figure out the right bowl to use it with and get the best seal, but it's definitely worth it to all of a sudden have all your pieces become vapes.