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Neo Atomizer

Neo Atomizer

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The Neo is a butane-free replacement for your pocket lighter that extracts the beneficial compounds of your herb without the ash and other toxic elements that make you cough and smell skunky.

Just like the movie character, the Neo has cracked the code to separate the benefits of herb from the detriments of combustion. Take the red pill and embrace the Neo today! 

How it works

The heart of the Neo is the non-toxic heating coil, which warms the ceramic housing with radiant heat. This perfectly heated air is driven down into your bowl as you draw air in, providing convection heat.

The heating element never touches the herb in the bowl, enabling you to avoid the smoke and ash byproduct of the common lighter. The Neo is battery-operated, so you don't have to worry about butane, either. And when you need more power, it's easy to recharge or replace its long-lasting battery.


We've designed the Neo to provide years of enjoyment for you and your friends. We have sourced quality materials for the vapor pathway to keep your lungs healthy and the flavor pristine. Here are the key parts of the Neo:

Heating element - the heart of the Neo is the non-toxic heating coil, which warms the ceramic housing electronically with radiant heat. This perfectly heated air is driven down into your bowl as you draw, providing convection heat. The heating element never touches the herb in the bowl, enabling you to avoid the smoke and ash associated with combustion.

Body - The Neo's housing is made from an advanced technical ceramic known as zirconia, which is used in medical devices and in luxury jewelry and watches. This material is exceptionally strong and has a refined finish. More importantly, it has thermal capturing qualities that acts as a 'heat sink' providing radiant heat and extending battery life.

Battery module - We have partnered with one of the premier battery "mod" manufacturers, Eleaf, to provide a special power unit specifically for the Neo. It has USB-C fast-charging capabilities and uses a replaceable 18650 lithium ion battery that is easy to find on the market. It can also be used while charging if you don't have an extra battery. 

  • Size:  5.25" long x 1" wide
  • Weight (w/battery): 14.9 ounces
  • Battery (included): 18650 flat top (protected)
  • Charging: USB-C quick charge (cable included)


Q: Can I use my own pipe or bong?

Yes! It works especially well if your bowl is perfectly round such that the chimney makes a good seal with it. We also provide a clear silicone adapter, ensuring you can use the Neo with the majority of pipes and bongs. If you have a bowl with significant irregularities, however, cold air may enter and reduce the heating efficiency of the Neo. Any gap in the seal between the Neo and the bowl acts like an open carb (or a hole in a straw) and reduces the suction pressure. Note: It is highly recommended that you clean your pipe thoroughly with alcohol before use, as the tars and residues from prior combustion will spoil the pure taste the Neo provides.

Q:  Why is the black Neo more expensive? 

Due to a special surface treatment, the black Neo is ~25% more thermally efficient than the white Neo. It will heat up more quickly and retain energy in the heating chamber, reducing the preheat time and enabling you to operate it at lower power settings. This saves you both time and battery life. However, this process is more costly and also produces more rejects, driving up the overall expenses.

Q:  What size is the quartz chimney? What size pipe bowls work best?

The outside diameter of the chimney is 19mm (~0.75”) and was selected after testing many different bowls on the market. It works best when your chosen bowl is perfectly round and is slightly larger, so that the Neo’s chimney will fit inside of it and seal against the sloping edge of the bowl. Most one-hitters are too small to make a good seal with the Neo’s chimney.

Q:  How do I adjust the temperature?

Primarily with your breath. The temperature depends on both the power setting and the airflow (i.e. how fast you inhale). We use a series of cigar-like puffs to dial in the density of the vapor, followed by a longer pull once the Neo and the herbs in your bowl have had a chance to heat up. Because the vapor produced is much less harsh than smoke, expect to inhale more like a normal breath. Slower, yoga-like breaths will reward you with denser vapor, as the air will have more opportunity to heat while passing through the heating chamber.  Relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy.

More FAQs may be found here.


We stand by the Neo with a 1-year warranty against any defects. We have taken great care to select quality materials and put each Neo through a series of inspections before it is shipped. We are confident that you will appreciate the craftsmanship and quality as soon as you hold it in your hand. Plus, we provide great customer service!

Join our many happy customers and experience what you've been missing (read their reviews below).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Thomas Youngs (Virginia)
Love it

It's great!

Uli from Amsterdam
Happy lungs, happy taste buds, happy roommates...

You have no idea how much I love your product -it completely changed my view of smoking. I received it as a gift because I always cough and my lungs hurt from smoking with fire. This device helped so much! Not only is the high so much cleaner and the bowl/bong doesn’t need as much cleaning anymore, but I discovered that weed has a taste! I always thought when it says, ”Tastes earthy with a hint of lemons,” that was just made up, but since using the Neo I finally understand the descriptions and always get excited when I see a new strain.

It’s also a huge bonus that the apartment doesn’t smell like weed in the morning anymore too. And my cough is gone, too - now it doesn’t feel like I’m burning my throat and lungs anymore.

I’ve already recommended the product to a lot of my friends, whom I hope will buy it too, because it changes your experience so so much. It’s hard to go back to fire now. Haha anyway, I thought I tell you how much your product is loved.:)

Teman Montgomery

Most practical vaporizing device I have ever used. I recommended it to a friend who bought one.

BC (Indiana)

The Neo is a great device. Simple and easy to use with enough power to fully extract and give great flavor. I have a feeling it’s going to be my go to portable.

William Knowlton (Illinois)
Awesome band

Awesome band