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The Neo

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The Neo is a butane-free replacement for your pocket lighter that extracts the beneficial compounds of your herb without the ash and other toxic elements that make you cough and smell skunky.

Just like the movie character, the Neo has cracked the code to separate the benefits of herb from the detriments of combustion. Take the red pill and embrace the Neo today!

How it works

The heart of the Neo is the non-toxic heating coil, which warms the ceramic housing with radiant heat. This perfectly heated air is driven down into your bowl as you draw air in, providing convection heat.

The heating element never touches the herb in the bowl, enabling you to avoid the smoke and ash byproduct of the common lighter. The Neo is battery-operated, so you don't have to worry about butane, either. And when you need more power, it's easy to recharge or replace its long-lasting battery.


We've designed the Neo to provide years of enjoyment for you and your friends. We have sourced quality materials for the vapor pathway to keep your lungs healthy and the flavor pristine. Here are the key parts of the Neo:

Heating element - the heart of the Neo is the non-toxic heating coil, which warms the ceramic housing electronically with radiant heat. This perfectly heated air is driven down into your bowl as you draw, providing convection heat. The heating element never touches the herb in the bowl, enabling you to avoid the smoke and ash associated with combustion.

Body - The Neo's housing is made from an advanced technical ceramic known as zirconia, which is used in medical devices and in luxury jewelry and watches. This material is exceptionally strong and has a refined finish. More importantly, it has thermal capturing qualities that acts as a 'heat sink' providing radiant heat and extending battery life.

Battery module - We have partnered with one of the premier battery "mod" manufacturers, Eleaf, to provide a special power unit specifically for the Neo. It has USB-C fast-charging capabilities and uses a replaceable 18650 lithium ion battery that is easy to find on the market. It can also be used while charging if you don't have an extra battery. 

  • Size:  5.25" long x 1" wide
  • Weight (w/battery): 14.9 ounces
  • Battery (included): 18650 flat top (protected)
  • Charging: USB-C quick charge (cable included)


Q: Can I use my own pipe or bong?

Yes! It works especially well if your bowl is perfectly round such that the chimney makes a good seal with it. We also provide a clear silicone adapter, ensuring you can use the Neo with the majority of pipes and bongs. If you have a bowl with significant irregularities, however, cold air may enter and reduce the heating efficiency of the Neo. Any gap in the seal between the Neo and the bowl acts like an open carb (or a hole in a straw) and reduces the suction pressure. Note: It is highly recommended that you clean your pipe thoroughly with alcohol before use, as the tars and residues from prior combustion will spoil the pure taste the Neo provides.

Q:  What size is the quartz chimney? What size pipe bowls work best?

The outside diameter of the chimney is 19mm (~0.75”) and was selected after testing many different bowls on the market. It works best when your chosen bowl is perfectly round and is slightly larger, so that the Neo’s chimney will fit inside of it and seal against the sloping edge of the bowl. Most one-hitters are too small to make a good seal with the Neo’s chimney.

Q:  How do I adjust the temperature?

Primarily with your breath. The temperature depends on both the power setting and the airflow (i.e. how fast you inhale). We use a series of cigar-like puffs to dial in the density of the vapor, followed by a longer pull once the Neo and the herbs in your bowl have had a chance to heat up. Because the vapor produced is much less harsh than smoke, expect to inhale more like a normal breath. Slower, yoga-like breaths will reward you with denser vapor, as the air will have more opportunity to heat while passing through the heating chamber.  Relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy.

More FAQs may be found here.


We stand by the Neo with a 2-year warranty against any defects. We have taken great care to select quality materials and put each Neo through a series of inspections before it is shipped. We are confident that you will appreciate the craftsmanship and quality as soon as you hold it in your hand. Plus, we provide great customer service!

Join our many happy customers and experience what you've been missing (read their reviews below).

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Tyler Glosik (Ohio)
Works great

This is a brilliant product, highly recommend it to any prospective buyer

Ryan P (Nebraska)
This is everything

Received my Neo in amazing packaging. Easy to use and so much flavor. I currently use an Airizer Extreme Q for my daily so it was not too much of a transition to use this with my Heir Aura. Will never be using a lighter again! I can promise you that.

Michael (Minnesota)
Impressive vapor from a small package!

This little thing really does rip!
The Neo takes a bit of a technique and patience to make this work, but once you get the hang of the simple technique, this thing really delivers!!
Keep an open mind, put on some music, and relax! This thing works best when you're using slow, gentle sips, and will literally not work if you're ripping away too hard.
And if you're not the kind of person who cares about hoarding ABV, you can easily blacken your herb without combustion.
Some users find that their best results come from giving their herb a cycle of heat first to warm up their herb, and then drawing with their next heat cycle.
Another beauty about this, is never worrying about putting a cherry out to stop your herb from wasting away while you're not pulling. No combustion means no cherry poking!

Johnny Ruggieri (California)
Customer support is everything these days!

I had an issue with the first one that arrived. It wasn’t holding charge and overheating fast. I emailed Prrl and they got back to me within a day to ship me out a new one. That commitment to their warranty really said something to me. Is a beautiful piece. Weight feels good in the hand. They ain’t cheap but once you feel it in your hands you realize why

Gina (New Jersey)
1 year later...

It's been about a year since I ordered the Neo...and I still love it! I actually found this device after scouring the internet for days, finding a device that was suitable to my various medical conditions. Then I came across this site posting about a new product that would be released soon (it wasn't even available at the time and I normally do not buy devices where I cannot read reviews, but I was desperate)! I have a lot of allergies, so finding a way to inhale without combustion or placing your herb in a stainless steel bowl or through a stainless steel filter (which is no-go for nickel allergy people) was extremely difficult! Ceramic is ok, but is often treated with some chemical or another, and ruins the purity of your experience. With this device I can put my flower in a glass bowl, and heat it with nothing more than pure glass and quartz touching my medicine. Definitely a cleaner way to medicate!

Aside from purity, the functionality of the Neo is extremely versatile; which makes it ideal for smokers or vapers. It can be used with a pipe or glass water piece, and you can adjust your temperature accordingly. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you can definitely customize it to your needs. I normally don't get devices that have preset temps, but since the heating element is button-activated, you can hold the temp for as long or short as you'd like, which you can't do with other vaporizers or through combustion. Even with vaporizers that let you set specific temperatures, your herb sits in the bowl and continues to cook, even after you turn it off! With the Neo, you just set the level of your heat, then hold and/or release the heating button to maintain or adjust your temperature. When you are done, you remove it from your herb. It sounds complicated and it did intimidated me at first, but trust me...after you get the hang of where you like YOUR temperature, it is the most efficient AND effective way to medicate. You are able to get much more consistent heating throughout your herb, which means you waste less!

I will admit in the beginning I had some complications with the battery, and these guys are definitely willing to spend as much time as necessary to help resolve your issue. In the end it turned out to be a minor glitch and operates just fine. The battery level was dropping after only being on a few seconds, because it shows it going down if it is not at complete 100% capacity. It wasn't actually draining to 75% after only a few seconds, but since it was not perfectly 100%, it was showing battery loss. It lasts as long as a proper functioning Neo should though. It's a little hard to decipher how much battery you actually have, but again, a very minor issue. I just make sure I have other charged batteries as a back up.

In conclusion...both the product and customer service are stellar and I couldn't be happier to support this business and promote their product!