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Prrl Labs, Inc.

Neo Leather Case

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We enjoyed collaborating with Portland-based Woolly Made to design a bespoke case for the Neo. Their commitment to premium materials, design, and finish matched our philosophy and they were a pleasure to work with!

The material

Most leather is imported and tanned with chromium sulfate, a harsh and environmentally damaging chemical that doesn't allow the leather to age with character. Woolly Made uses only vegetable-tanned leather sourced in the U.S.  

The process

This leather case is cut with lasers, ensuring minimal waste and perfect alignment. However, it is sewn, burnished, and finished by hand, giving it a decidedly personal feel. 

The finished product

Just like the Neo, the case utilizes the best that technology offers, but leaves room for human interaction to make it unique. We love the look and feel of the case and know it will last decades, growing in character with each passing year. 

More about Woolly Made...

Woolly Made is a small maker business embedded in Portland's booming maker culture and the greater American craft movement. They proudly employ local workers, pay fair wages and use premium, natural materials from domestic suppliers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chef Sebastian Carosi (Washington)

This device is Absolutely revolutionary for the lighter using cannabis consumers of today... I don't smoke much flower these days, but when I do it will be with my newly discovered neo

Ginger Bier (New Jersey)

The leather case adds a touch of elegance. The soft, pliable leather makes storing the Neo easy. A snap closure keeps everything inside protected. Great add to a smooth device. It should keep the Neo looking good indefinitely.

M F (Kansas)
The Neo Rocks!

This thing kicks ash! Love the concept and form factor. Unmatched flavor and the build quality is solid. Quick heat up and very user-friendly. I highly recommend along with the beautifully crafted leather case! :-)

Brandon J. (California)
Super Nice!

An awesome case, with superb craftsmanship. I like it a lot and I am very happy with the purchase.

Fits like it was made for it, which it was.

Thanks guys. The Neo, the Purr glass bowl and this case. A terrific trinity.

Danielle Stevens (Colorado)
Beautifully made

This is a beautiful product. I can't speak to it's ease of use for physically disabled consumers who may struggle more with holding the Neo upright & steady for the length of time needed to vaporise material, but I can say that between my small hands & carpal tunnel & other chronic pain issues in my arms, the neo can be a little cumbersome to operate and hold in place for the duration of heating up your material. It also burns through batteries fairly quickly, but we already had a bunch of backups since this is the same battery that my other eLeaf box mods use! Easy to recharge and replace as needed, though it would be nice if I could vape more than one bowl per battery so that sharing with others is easier. Even in the face of that constructive criticism, this is an excellent product that does exactly what is supposed to do very well! It has a very small learning curve to figure out temperature preference and timing, but once you've got those down it's super simple to use!