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Prrl Labs, Inc.

The Neo: Chimney Repair

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$30.00 USD

We don't believe in planned obsolescence!

The body of your Neo is tough and rugged, but the chimney is made of quartz for its thermal properties, airway purity, and design precision. Quartz is brittle like glass, so in the event that your quartz chimney ever becomes damaged, we can fix it. 

What should happen next:

  1. Purchase this service to get in our queue
  2. Ship your Neo to us at 2023 NE Josephine Drive, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA  97124
  3. We will fix your Neo within 5 days of receiving it
  4. We will send you an alert when it's on its way back to you

To avoid having to use this service, take care of your Neo by:

  1. Laying the Neo down flat when not in use, not standing up
  2. Storing the Neo with the silicone adapter on the quartz chimney
  3. Using a case for it when traveling
  4. Only using it externally

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Todd Johnson (Missouri)
Tastes Great, Less Re-Filling

As direct as I can make it:
If you think you might like the Neo as an alternative to fire and smoke, you will LOVE it.
It works. It really works.
Amazing spectrum of flavor.
Slightly different (in no way diminished) effect.
Significantly less taxing on our lungs.
Eliminating smolder lowers your herb costs.
Transformative Experience
Supportive ecosystem!

Sam (Texas)
Game changer

Gifted for Father’s Day, this Prrl Neo is pretty dope. I jive with the “f*** combustion,” but in practice sometimes that is hard to do. I’m a busy guy so when I have time to toke it’s only about 5 minutes. Maybe I need more practice but it takes a solid 15-20 minutes to get blasted with the Neo. That being said, at the end of that sesh you’re in space and you barely used any herb, solid! I find it slightly cumbersome to use the Neo in addition to pulling a slide, in addition to holding a piece. I need more hands. Yes, the Neo is cool. Yes, it’s a game changer. Yes, it’s fragile AF. Yes, the battery life is mediocre (charge at least once a day if you plan on fully converting over from combustion and this is all you got). Yes, it’s expensive. If you’re in the market for a portable vape just get a pax. If you’re in the market for a cool addition to your collection, and you’re wanting to clean up your toking lifestyle get a Prrl Neo. It’s dope. Review Medals