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Prrl Labs, Inc.

Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair

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We don't believe in planned obsolescence!

The body of your Neo is tough and rugged, but the chimney is made of quartz for its thermal properties, airway purity, and design precision. Quartz is brittle like glass, so in the event that your quartz chimney ever becomes damaged, we can fix it. 

What should happen next:

  1. Purchase this service to get in our queue
  2. Ship your Neo to us at 2923 NW Telshire Terrace, Beaverton, Oregon, USA  97006
  3. We will fix your Neo within 5 business days of receiving it
  4. We will send you an alert when it's on its way back to you

To avoid having to use this service, take care of your Neo by:

  1. Laying the Neo down flat when not in use, not standing up
  2. Storing the Neo with the silicone adapter on the quartz chimney
  3. Using a case for it when traveling
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Don Hart (Ohio)
Great service

After our incredibly satisfied purchase my wife dropped hers and broke it. They were beyond understanding about it,we paid to mail it back and they fixed it for free and sent it back to us. Customers for life

Jason (California)
Something different has arrived!

I have thoroughly enjoyed everything relating to this product. How it works, and the organization selling it. The appreciation I have for these tools reminds me of a quote from Jerry Garcia when asked to explain the phenomenon of his fans. He said, "Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice". Well, swap out the candy name with the term "vaping" and my analogy is made. If you are in the club, these two products are a must experience. If extracting flavor from your herb is a top priority, then I suggest adding this technology to your collection of current priorities. As others likely have stated, it requires a honeymoon period to get into a rhythm in relation to how it works and how one can make it work best for them. It is different than 98% of all other wireless devices in the space. No different than a new relationship, if it's to easy at the beginning, that reality will reveal itself soon enough and the connection may burn out quickly. However, focus, with a little patience, & excitement & superior results are more than obtainable. So I encourage anyone reading this not to be intimidated, and think of it as I described above. I now find so much value in exploiting all the different ways in which The Terp Surfer & The Neo help me get the VERY most out of my flower and the experience created through using the two. I have not combusted in over twelve years, and the pleasure and memories encouraged through once again using a two handed system has been a real joy I could not of predicted.
Glad I found you one sleepless night while searching YouTube videos. I look forward to strengthening not only my relationship with your tools, but also with your company as you secure your place in this space that has been stale for far too long.

Peter Fisher (Oregon)
Fast fix

I am definitely a fumble fingers. So when I broke the chimney on my Neo, I was very sad. But the experience of sending the unit in and getting it repaired was extremely fast and painless. Thank you.

Pura vida Pete (Oregon)
Neo rules

Best flower vape I've seen.

Just another farmer (Oregon)
Ceramic chimney repair

Ceramic chimney repair
I am the world’s best at breaking stuff!!! So of course I dropped my NEO over an unforgiving surface and broke the ceramic chimney.. Lucky for me The team at Prrl Labs was there to save the day!! I ordered a new one on their website, and shipped it off. In a surprisingly fast turnaround my device on his back at my door in less than a week. Great job Folks!!!!