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Prrl Labs, Inc.

Quartz Dosing Capsule

Quartz Dosing Capsule

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Our quartz dosing capsule fits perfectly in the Terp Surfer and its flat-bottomed design with 18 precision-drilled holes ensure maximum, perfectly dissipated airflow through the herb. 

Its hyper-efficient design enables multiple delicious pulls from a tiny amount of flower without combusting.

Pre-fill multiple capsules for a longer session or for sampling a variety of strains throughout your day.

Feeling creative? Try mixing a variety of aromatherapy herbs to create your own herbal "salad" with different flavor profiles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tom (Pennsylvania)
Neo, terp surfer, accessories - overall feedback

Great unique product as well as top notch customer support. When I had a few questions it was quick response and super accommodating. Hope to see great success for the business/see what else they come up with next! Cheers.

Moe (Missouri)
Neo and Terp Surfer

I purchased the Neo and Terp Surfer combo. The Neo is a high quality device, heavy and well made. It will slowly cook your flower, buds taste amazing and your pipe stays clean, not to mention your lungs. The pipe is also very cool, I love the shape, design and feel. The dosing glass bowl, I think it has a better name is a must have, the Neo fits nicely over the bowl. Because no combustion occurs the pipe stays clean, just wipe the screen below it and clean the bowl after a few uses.
The owners of this company are very easy to deal with and very helpful, I think this new product is smart and well worth the money. The water is fine today, jump on in and go surfing.

Alexandra Barry (Quebec)
Five stars !!

Work amazing, have had great customer service as well. Would defiantly recommend to a friend

Michel Beaulieu (New Brunswick)
If you love THC you’ll definitely love the NEO

The Neo is definitely a higher end product, but why not ? Like a fine wine , you will drink out of a proper wine glass well the Neo is that for flower. Absolutely love the ritual of holding a pipe and Neo during the vape process.

Peter Fisher (Oregon)
Slow surfing

I purchased a Prrl Neo a while back and have grown to enjoy it very much. Recently I purchased a Terp surfer. Once I learn how to slow down a bit I caught on to the learning curve quite easily. Being a heavy hitter it took a bit of restraint to take slow easy draws. But once I got the hang of it the taste is incredible. Thank you for another incredible product.