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Prrl Labs, Inc.

Quartz Dosing Capsule

Quartz Dosing Capsule

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Our quartz dosing capsule fits perfectly in the Terp Surfer and its flat-bottomed design with 18 precision-drilled holes ensure maximum, perfectly dissipated airflow through the herb. 

Its hyper-efficient design enables multiple delicious pulls from a tiny amount of flower without combusting.

Pre-fill multiple capsules for a longer session or for sampling a variety of strains throughout your day.

Feeling creative? Try mixing a variety of aromatherapy herbs to create your own herbal "salad" with different flavor profiles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexandra Barry (Quebec)
Five stars !!

Work amazing, have had great customer service as well. Would defiantly recommend to a friend

Michel Beaulieu (New Brunswick)
If you love THC you’ll definitely love the NEO

The Neo is definitely a higher end product, but why not ? Like a fine wine , you will drink out of a proper wine glass well the Neo is that for flower. Absolutely love the ritual of holding a pipe and Neo during the vape process.

Peter Fisher (Oregon)
Slow surfing

I purchased a Prrl Neo a while back and have grown to enjoy it very much. Recently I purchased a Terp surfer. Once I learn how to slow down a bit I caught on to the learning curve quite easily. Being a heavy hitter it took a bit of restraint to take slow easy draws. But once I got the hang of it the taste is incredible. Thank you for another incredible product.

Terp Surf 🏄‍♂️ the waves all day

I got the Neo Prrl a while back and was nothing short of impressed. It changed my herb consumption entirely. Combustion lost its hold in my life. I used the Prrl on all kinds of glass and it was great. Then I caved on a Terp Surfer. Lol. Just buy it. I have a silver surfer desktop vape and the thing is 10/10. The Terp surfer + Prrl Neo is 10/10, but on-the-go. The flavor profile you can get out of your flower is astounding. You won’t ever want to burn bud again.