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Purr Glass

"Almost perfect" Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowl

"Almost perfect" Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowl

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***Note: "Almost perfect" bowls have minor cosmetic imperfections or may benefit from using the silicone adapter to improve the seal. ***

 We are so happy to collaborate with Purr Glass to bring you this Neo-specific glass bowl!

We designed the Neo to work with various sizes of bowls and pipes with its silicone adapter. However, several of our early customers said that they would like a Neo-specific bowl for a glass-on-glass seal with their water pipes.

After doing our research, we reached out to Purr Glass because they stood out for their dedication to quality, as well as their creative interests in developing custom glass. Expecting just a transactional relationship, we were delighted to get to know Linda and Chad, Purr's owners. Over a series of meetings, we came up with this beautiful 14mm 6-hole glass bowl. 

The Schott Glass used in our bowl is incredibly clear--refracting the Neo's glow. Furthermore, the double-wall construction provides greater insulation, increasing the efficiency and enabling the outside to stay cool to the touch. We love it!

Features & Specs:

  • Height: 2"
  • Width: 1 1/8"
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Fits 14mm female joint fittings
  • Custom Neo lip around the top edge of the bowl
  • 6 holes for optimal air flow with the Neo
  • Made with thick heavy wall Schott glass
  • Dual wall design
  • Handmade in California
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
BuzzBoy (California)

Any rating below 5 only means you have not mastered its function. It certainly keeps up with my heavy portables! Ooh, this micro-doses real well.

Dave L (California)
Great product!

It's easy to use and gets good hits. There is a little bit of a learning curve with the temperature settings, but once you experiment and get the hang of it, it works like a charm!

Suhail Karimi (California)

This thing is great for when I'm on the run, it hits the heat safety pretty quick imo, and I wish I had a bit more power, mave a dual 18650 setup for a little more aggressive heating, also I think it would be awesome to make it a 510 threaded mechanical mod attachment instead of sticking with the regulated mod but that might be too advanced for some users

M (California)
The Neo

Having the Neo for a couple months now, I have have found some timing and heat preferences that have been consistently extracting unique flavors. One technique I have been getting better at is timing one hit at level five without overheating the material. Timing and how much airflow is needed combined, has given some really unique tastes when I time it right.

Overall I am amazed at how effective the Neo is when it comes to flavor and potency.

Scott (New York)
The lighter of the future.

The Neo really is an impressive and versatile device. Being able to use a myriad of different glass bowls, pipes, basically anything really is just amazing. Great flavor and great customer service as well. Being able to still keep the ritual of smoking without actually smoking is a great way to relax.