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Concentrate wafer

Concentrate wafer

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Are you looking for the ultimate way to enjoy cannabis extracts? The Neo's unique capabilities are an ideal way to vaporize concentrates--allowing you to savor the purity of taste and beneficial effects while remaining in complete control of the experience.

With this concentrate wafer, you instantly make your Terp Surfer compatible with any type of extract: wax, resin, dabs, shatter, and crumble. All vaporize easily. The wafer fits perfectly inside the titanium bowl of your Terp Surfer, without the need for any additional screen or o-ring.

Typical stainless steel wire pads in other devices taint the vapor, take a long time to heat up, and suffer from drippage and waste. Instead, we designed something that is uniquely:

  • Pure -- Taste neutral with no contaminants whatsoever
  • Efficient -- Delivers rich, delicious, and prodigious vapor without too much power nor preheating
  • Absorbent -- Retains and wick the oils with minimal drippage or waste
  • Structurally stable and homogenous — stays together with high enough density and yields smooth, evenly-distributed airflow
  • Organic -- biodegradable and derived from nature
  • Cost effective -- easily produced from quality, low-cost materials

We discovered a way to compress all-natural plant fibers into an entangled mesh wafer. These special fibers are a perfect wicking matrix that optimizes airflow and concentrate dispersion without affecting the taste of the vapor.

Because of its organic nature, the wafer is compostable, but not cleanable. You may continue to reload it several times, until you decide it’s time to replace it with a fresh one. However, trying to clean the Saucer with alcohol will cause the matrix to lose its shape and effectiveness...but they're cheap, easy, and guilt-free  to replace, so be good to yourself!

*Note: variations in fiber density and thickness should be expected.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rene (Asuncion)
Superb heating device

Tried it out with several jhooks and it worked fine.
Then I ordered the terp surfer pipe and this worked also great, even a bit better bc the distance between the herbs and the heater was closer. Imo the taste of the neo is very good and I have tried a lot of vaporizers over the years…

Daintree Jones (Washington)

Really brings out the flavor from flower and makes it stretch for longer. Very smooth hitting. Battery is a little tough to get in and out, but otherwise amazing.

Peter Fisher (Oregon)
Neo your way to healthy living.

I purchased my first Neo over a year ago. Since then I have also added the black Neo, the Terp Surfer and all of the other accessories offered by Prrl Labs. After years of smoking cannabis, other portable vaporizers just didn’t cut it. I seem to want to fulfill the habit of smoking a pipe or taking a bong hit. The Neo replaces the conventional lighter. The glass bong bowl fits directly into my beautiful bong. And with the Terp Surfer I can even use concentrates with the new Saucer that they have just released. So now my old smoking habits have been replaced with a very healthy alternative for medical cannabis use. The negative affects from smoking cannabis no longer exist in my lungs. The sore throat and coughing are now gone. I don’t know how to thank you enough for helping me on my healing journey with medical cannabis. Thank you Prrl Labs.

Mark Embry (Hawaii)

Concentrate wafer