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Titanium bowl for Terp Surfer

Titanium bowl for Terp Surfer

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Made from medical-grade titanium, this multi-functional bowl magnetically attaches to the Terp Surfer's wood deck and is the interface between it and the Neo's atomizer. It is easily removed for cleaning and loading, and it remains cool to the touch throughout your session.

The bowls come in two different finishes: natural silver and aerospace gray. The aerospace gray has been anodized through a special process that penetrates and hardens the surface layers, not just colors it. This process is used for medical and aerospace devices to increase durability and reduce wear.

Each bowl comes with three spare titanium screens. With precision-drilled holes, these screens prevent herb particles from entering the air stream. Moreover, they are extremely strong and durable. They fit snugly into the bottom of the bowl, allowing you to easily stir and chop your herb directly in the bowl with a poker tool.

We designed the docking ring to suit the various preferences of our customers. 

For those seeking optimal herbal extraction, consider replacing the titanium screen with one of our quartz herb cups. The narrower diameter and thermal properties of the quartz chamber result in high efficiency convection. You can even preload several herb cups and swap fresh ones on the go.

If you are interested in live rosin and other concentrates, please consider using our concentrate insert, the Saucer. These mesh pads are made from 100% plant-fibers that deliver unparalleled taste and control -- similar to cold start dabbing, but without the butane, the intensity, nor the wastage. 

Do I really *need* an extra ring?

Not really. But, sessions are much easier with a couple of spare bowls. If you're like us, we don't enjoy doing dishes. So, with a clean spare bowl, you don't have to interrupt your session. Moreover, you can also preload multiple bowls for a longer session, or for setting up a "tasting flight" of different varietals. Similarly, you can also set up one bowl for flower and another for concentrates.


Included in packet: one titanium docking ring, three titanium screens


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