Getting to know your Crystal Bowl

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The Crystal Bowl is designed to offer you many different ways to dial in your experience. Here are some tips and tricks to optimize your vapor.

Loading your bowl:

a) fill your bowl to the top with ground, loose herb

b) compress the herb with a dowel or finger until bowl is ~1/2 full

c) for those who want to use smaller amounts, consider using one of our dosing capsules for greater efficiency.


Adjusting your technique:

Using the Neo with a bong is a bit trickier than with a pipe for a few reasons. We'll write an article about the fluid dynamics behind those reasons, but mostly it has to do with the amount of air volume that you're pulling through the system. So, slowing your inhalation takes some adjustment and the feedback you get is primarily visual rather than through "mouth feel."

Here are some quick tips:

1) Preheat your Neo.

2) Make sure that your Neo's quartz chimney seals well against the Crystal bowl. Until you get the hang of things, use the Neo's silicone adapter, OR the red o-ring that it came with, to ensure a great seal.

3) Adjust the Neo's power setting to 4 diamonds and take a few short, gentle "priming" sips to warm the herb and the bowl. 

4) When you see or taste some vapor forming, you can pull harder.


5) Experiment with your power setting and speed of inhalation. A slower breath will yield a hotter, denser vapor. Once the bowl warms up, you can shift to a lower power setting, depending on your preferred draw speed. Be careful not to combust!


Try waterless 

While hydration can be beneficial, especially if you're combusting, did you know that water will cause some of your active ingredients to condense and become "lost" in the water? The bubbling water also creates back pressure after you stop inhaling. This will push some vapor up into the quartz chimney of your Neo and can discolor it.


Replacing the titanium screen:

1) Remove the current screen by inserting a wooden dowel, chopstick or other suitable object from the tapered end of the bowl. 

2) Place a new screen loosely into the bowl and rotate it to level before pushing it down to the bottom of the bowl.

3) The screens are slightly oversized to ensure they remain in place while stirring or chopping material in your bowl.  


Using the dosing capsules:

The dosing capsules increase the thermal efficiency of the system. This allows you to enjoy a smaller amount of herb at lower power levels. However, they can also be used for an intense, high-efficiency extraction for those wanting the most amount of medicine in the shortest amount of time. 

a) (optional) Remove the titanium screen from your bowl. Keeping the screen in place will act as an additional filter for any small herb particles. However, a small amount of vapor will also condense on the screen, resulting in a minor loss of active ingredients.

b) place the red o-ring on the docking rim of the bowl.

c) Fill the dosing capsule with loosely ground herb, then pack down to ~1/2 full.

d) Insert the dosing capsule into the o-ring around the rim of the bowl. Adjust to your preferred height. Higher will result in the herb being closer to the heating chamber of the Neo and will be hotter for those who desire a stronger experience.



Using the concentrate wafer

The concentrate wafer is made from all natural plant fibers that wick your oils to keep them in place--maximizing surface area for vaporization, while minimizing drippage. It works extremely well for vaporization, but do not attempt to combust! Ewwww! 🥴

Here are some tips to get you started:

1) (optional) Remove the titanium screen from your bowl. It works fine with the screen in place, but a small amount of vapor will condense on the screen, resulting in a minor loss of active ingredients.

2) Place the concentrate wafer inside the rim of the bowl. 

3) Adjust the height of the wafer. We recommend starting with it near the top off the bowl. 

4) Place a BB-sized amount of concentrate on the center of the pad.

5) After preheating your Neo, take several short, gentle pulls to melt the extract well into the fibers of the wafer. This may take 20-30 seconds depending on your power settings and breath technique.

6) When you see or taste some vapor forming, you can pull harder. 

7) It may take 3-7 hits to consume one small "dab" of concentrate. Do not reload after every hit. If you notice drippage, it's due to overloading.

8) You can reload and flip your concentrate wafer several times before replacing. Do not attempt t/o clean it with alcohol or water.



Cleaning your Crystal Bowl 

Caring for your Crystal Bowl is simple. Scrape or brush out any spent material. Wipe with an alcohol pad or submerge in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. A small bottle brush can be helpful when cleaning the taper. Allow to dry completely before using.


Please email us at with any additional questions or videos you'd like to see. Enjoy!