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The Neo
Cup (Wellington)

The Neo works awesome ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž
Pairs well with almost everything.

Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowl
Sidewinder (California)
Back to the Future

I've been through several vaping systems and each time I thought I was on the cutting edge of vaping. After finding each of them lacking in some way I ended up lighting a bong again. When I saw the Neo I instantly knew all the problems I'd had with other vape systems were solved and ordered a complete outfit with the bubbler. Having a background in Aerospace and being grounded in physics I could see the vapor-path was unimpeded and relied on the user to draw heat down through the material, rather than have the heat-source under the material to potentially ignite it. I'm so confident this will be my system I purchased extra bowls in case I drop one on the tile. The 14mm bowl allows you to use this system with all your existing glass. I received my Neo and have been using it for about six weeks. My glass cleans up super easy and there's never any resin or exotic cleaners needed - salt and alcohol does it all. If you are a medical user you will not wait more than one (1) minute for your relief.

The Neo
M (California)

So far, I've been using the NEO for about 2 weeks. My first impression is the build quality. The fit and finish is awesome. Using the device welcomes a hard hitting session or two without a blip.

Although I'm still learning the different temps and amount of material to use, having a good seal is key,. I was hoping to find a better bowl/slideto use before I did this review, but I think I've had enough usage to state the results of my time with the NEO.

The flavors I have achieved thus far with and without water, are incredible. It's it's own experience. The difference between the NEO and combustion is night and day. I tried combustion after the NEO and could not believe combustion was what I used to do.
With this, I won't be going back because even with hemp wick or plasma lighter, the flavor just doesnt compare with the NEO.
I even could taste the ultra pure butane gas.
So long combustion.
I used the NEO with setting 1 and went up the ladder. The range of flavors before combustion is broad and taking the time to go through each temperature point maximizes the time of potency and session. I am getting more out of the material than ever before. And since I have 2 spare batteries on top of the included one, there is no lag time.
Awesome job Prrl labs! And thank you for making an on demand heating device that extracts the essence and potency of a plant based material.


The Neo
Adam (Maryland)
Surpassed Expectations

Iโ€™ve had my Neo for a few weeks now, and Iโ€™ve almost completely switched from combusting flower. It really works as advertised. Honestly, the learning curve isnโ€™t as steep as they suggest, if you already use a water pipe or bubbler itโ€™s pretty intuitive. I got a big delicious hit of vapor on my first try. It works well with most of my glass bowls using the adapter, but itโ€™s even better with the tailored 14mm Purr bowl and no adapter. I would definitely recommend Neo to anyone who is on the fence, or who has been disappointed with other flower vaporizer systems.

The Neo
Atif Sarwar (Illinois)

I absolutely love this thing, after trying so many different vapes, this one is the endgame for me and was exactly what I was looking for.

Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowl
Mark Haelig (New Jersey)
Love it!

The Neo from Prrl Labs is awesome. I haven't quite mastered it yet, so not every hit is great, but it really works as promised. I turn it up to 5 diamonds and I use the silicone adapter (even though I have the special bowl piece) because I think it makes a better seal. Once I perfect my technique, this thing will be a cloud machine. I highly recommend this product.

The Neo
Peter Fisher (Oregon)
Perfect vapor!

The Neo has proven to be well worth the purchase price. I also grabbed one of the Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowls, which is a perfect addition to my heavy glass bong. With a slight very short learning curve I have been able to produce incredible tasting inhales every time. I liked it so much I went ahead and just purchased one of the leather cases to keep it safe. I found that it works best for me if I leave the silicone sleeve on permanently. I use this to vaporize cannabis for medical reasons and I am so pleased with the performance. It is so cool that it has turned all of my smoking pieces into vaporizers! And it performs as well as the best vaporizers that I previously purchased. Thank you.

Neo Leather Case
M F (Kansas)
The Neo Rocks!

This thing kicks ash! Love the concept and form factor. Unmatched flavor and the build quality is solid. Quick heat up and very user-friendly. I highly recommend along with the beautifully crafted leather case! :-)

The Neo
Eric Edelstein (Illinois)
It's a pretty great little device, and a nice alternative to a lighter

I love being able to use most any piece I have with the Neo. Occasionally it can be a little tough to figure out the right bowl to use it with and get the best seal, but it's definitely worth it to all of a sudden have all your pieces become vapes.

The Neo
Noah (New York)
Fun to play around!

The NEO is really cool! Its so nice to play around with all my old pieces again after giving up combustion.

The Neo
Margaret Vega (California)
Does it Neo?

My neo was exactly what I was looking for. A way to vaporize my Cannabis with any bong of my choice. I use it daily and have become such a fan.

The Neo
Born in the 50s (Virginia)
This Old Hippie Loves It!

While I wish I could have something like this to vape oil, I am still absolutely delighted to have this tool to make it easy for me to vape flower. When you reach a certain age you may find yourself sick and tired of dealing with complex ways to vape (or otherwise indulge). This not only makes vaping easy, but it makes it easier than smoking.

Having smoked cigarettes, and other things for MANY years I no longer want to smoke. It's a proven cause of cancer (at least smoking cigarettes is) and it irritates my throat and lungs. I prefer vaping, but except for Pax pods for concentrates and the Neo with a pipe full of flower, I haven't found a really easy way that's also effective. I have tried many other vapes but they were never as efficient or effective as the Neo is with a simple pipe. I don't want to deal with the amount of fire and heat needed to vape oil or to constantly clean glass pieces. I'm OLD, I want to take it EASY, but I still want to use flower to deal with pain and anxiety (and for enjoyment, but don't tell the people who gave me my medical card that I actually enjoy getting high). Neo really does it for old farts like me! My son, who pointed me towards the Neo, also loves it, so it's not just a tool for the old and arthritic, but it works well for us too! For those of you who have parents who are old, unrepentant hippies like me, please make sure that when you finally have to send them to nursing homes, make sure to send them somewhere that allows unlimited vaping and has rocking chairs on the porch where they can partake and enjoy nature at the same time. It won't just make it easier for us, but will make it easier for our caretakers (because we will be pleasant old people rather than grumpy, old ladies and men who yell at kids for walking on the grass).

The Neo
Jacob H. (Washington)
Loving the Neo

Really enjoying using the Neo. Produces great flavor and extracts really well. I also got the purr bowl and it definitely adds another level of efficiency but it is a ton of fun trying out different pieces with the Neo.

Neo Leather Case
Brandon J. (California)
Super Nice!

An awesome case, with superb craftsmanship. I like it a lot and I am very happy with the purchase.

Fits like it was made for it, which it was.

Thanks guys. The Neo, the Purr glass bowl and this case. A terrific trinity.

The Neo
Kusherjam (Flanders)
A Neo Experience

Loving my Neo! It looks really solid and quality built and delivers terpy full convection vapor with most of my pipes and rigs. Free air flow. A bit of practice is required in order to find the right draw rate, wattage and preheating need but no rocket science there. Definitely a a top notch device!

Such versatility!

I love that I can use the Neo with just about any pipe, or with a sticky brick instead of butane. Excellent extraction every time and such a joy to use!

The Neo
Nim (Michigan)
Flavor Machine

I am loving the Neo. It is a wonderful addition to my collection and unlike any other device. It produces nice clouds with some of the tastiest vapor I've experienced. There's a pleasant ritual but it's not 'technique heavy'. The Neo is now a mainstay in my lineup! There is nothing like this on the market - so cool to be able to 'reclaim' my old pipes!

Neo freedom

I must admit I bought this with not too much expectation, as my shelf is full of vapes (...or is it thermal extraction devices?). Regardless, this device has blown me away, it has returned me to the delights of pipe smoking again - minus the tobacco obviously ๐Ÿ™„
The heat range is excellent and the portability is superb. The device is well thought-out and long-lasting with a simple interface.
What would I change?
Perhaps a few different colours would be nice and the most useful extra would be a safe place to put your finger on the ceramic end as it would help stabilise it when it is sat on a pipe and would make it a one handed operation which is useful for a pipe.
I love this thing and well done to Prrl, also their service is excellent if you get any issue.

The Neo
Isidoro Di Salvo (British Columbia)
Product repaired! <3

Prrl Labs customer service is amazing! I had an issue with my device and left a review about it. The customer service contacted me quick and got my device fixed asap.

Not many companies get my praise when it comes to customer service but these guys did amazing :)

Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowl
Mark Singer (New York)
Safe glow

I have been vaping dry herbs for a year now, having bought a half dozen convection-based vaporizers. The Neo turns the conversation on its head. I am hard-pressed to think of another vape that has as much safety, versatility, and ease of use in mind.

The folks at Prrl Labs made a healthier, safer alternative to the ubiquitous lighter, allowing us to vape through our beloved handmade artistic pieces. The flavor profile is delicious, unique, and direct, and the build quality is impressively hefty.

There will be a small learning curve as you marry your Neo with your favorite bowls and water pipes, but the experience was not frustrating or overly harsh on the throat in my experience. In all, it is a thing of beauty when you can see tasty vapor being atomized from your herbs under the orange glow of the Neo.

The Neo
Jake (JakeTheGrimVaporist) (Georgia)
Well built great performance

Very well built and designed vaporizer. The Neo has a small learning curve but once you learn it you can be producing huge clouds of vapor. I really like the ritual of using the neo and being able to use a couple different bowls. The customer support and company behind neo is amazing as well. Couldn't ask for better.

The Neo
Sam Pardue (Oregon)
I can't go back

I loved my Prrl Neo. My herb tastes so sweet! I cannot go back to burning!

The Neo
Just another farmer (Washington)
The Neo has officially ruined me

After using the Neo for a few months I'm not sure if I can ever go back to smoking with fire. Even with the finest of flower now I can still taste the carbon if I use the flame. When I use the Neo my hit taste like pure terpenes and the exhale smells like I just took a dab. It was given to me as a gift and I liked it so much I bought it as a gift for another friend. There is a small learning curve in getting used to what heat level to have it set to. Which depends on the room temperature and moisture content of your flower. But once you have it dialed in you will never go back.
And that's not even mentioning the topnotch customer service the Neo team provides. All around a great company. Thanks y'all!!

The Neo
Kirk Durbin (Pennsylvania)


The Neo
Onehappycamper (Pennsylvania)
Pure flavorful convection at your fingertips!

This is a great addition to anyone's collection looking for tasty vapor. Very simple to operate and has a nice solid feel to the device. Small enough to store in a pocket for on the go use. It is fun how you can use this on so many different glass pieces and stems with some trial and error. A proper seal over your meds is the key for good extracting and they provide you with some silicone sleeves that help with this. Battery life is good and easy to switch out for a fresh 18650 battery when needed. Overall very happy with my purchase and the Team at Prrl for their great customer service! Looking forward to pairing it with your new Purr Neo glass bowl :) Review Medals