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Neo Leather Case
Chef Sebastian Carosi (Washington)

This device is Absolutely revolutionary for the lighter using cannabis consumers of today... I don't smoke much flower these days, but when I do it will be with my newly discovered neo

The Neo
4Dbox (California)
The Neo is about the ritual of session

I've evolved into an edible doser during the day but at night I find myself smoking a little for the extra headspace of the evening. Which is saying that I am not a heavy smoker by any means. But I found myself embarrassed by the smell of smoking, the unhealthiness of inhaling carbon and burnt gasses created guilt within me. I'm a medical patient and my health is a top priority so I knew I needed to change.
I bought the Neo foremost because it was the vape solution that allowed the most smoking-like experience. I could use my favorite glass with it and thus my same routines.
My initial impression of vaping with Neo was "is that it?" It was underwhelming, less of a high and virtually no vapor exhaled. (I had no experience with vaping at all at that time) I slowly eased into the use of Neo, experimented with the heat settings, different pipes, and as the weeks went on I felt the high was getting better. I had to learn that the vape high is slower, it builds like a wave rolling in. In retrospect I had to reset my brain from the expectation of the high impact, immediate, effects of smoking. It took a few weeks for me to transition to the new way.

Now I look forward to getting my glow on. Each session I expect to take some time, relaxing, listening to music while heating the Neo, loading the bowl, taking a few puffs and a pull then stirring and tamping, repeating three or four times. it's a pleasant ritual that is not to be had from the mainstream black box portable vapes. The orange glow is warm and inviting as it penetrates the glass bowl. This effect is a nice bonus, it feels warm and fuzzy like looking into a fireplace.
I'm still trying to find the right heat setting as it is easy to burn my bowl as the session progresses and everything heats up resulting in some whiffs of smoke along with vapor. Turning down the heat one notch half way through the session works well-four dots down to three.

I'd like to add that my Neo did fail to heat up one day after two months of use, so I emailed Prrl and they were on it pronto. I had a replacement unit within 3 days. Top customer service from Harvey with a handwritten note from Mark the CEO. The personal touch that is so hard to come by these days.

Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowl
Suhail Karimi (California)

This thing is great for when I'm on the run, it hits the heat safety pretty quick imo, and I wish I had a bit more power, mave a dual 18650 setup for a little more aggressive heating, also I think it would be awesome to make it a 510 threaded mechanical mod attachment instead of sticking with the regulated mod but that might be too advanced for some users

The Neo
Sam (Texas)
Once you go Neo you never go back

Daily toker checking in, the Neo is a game changer. Honestly after using it I just don’t want to go back to combustion. I will say that it takes some practice to get used to the Neo, but once you nail it down you get clean, delicious rips everytime! No, you’re not gonna get whole milk hits, but you can get close to 2% 😬 I will also say that the bowl on the device is fairly fragile so be careful, buy the nice leather case Prrl sells, and always lay the device down when not in use. Also, Prrl has THE best customer service of any company I’ve ever (like seriously ever) dealt with. Shout out to Mark and the Prrl team!

The Neo
Jenoi McKay (Ontario)
Quality and quantity of smoke.

Once you figure out not to pack the bud so hard but to still let some air go through, it's the best and cleanest solution out there. Very proper.

The Neo
Kevin Mcferron (Ohio)
Neo review

Works great. Haven't used my other vapes since receiving the neo.

The Neo: Chimney Repair
Todd Johnson (Missouri)
Tastes Great, Less Re-Filling

As direct as I can make it:
If you think you might like the Neo as an alternative to fire and smoke, you will LOVE it.
It works. It really works.
Amazing spectrum of flavor.
Slightly different (in no way diminished) effect.
Significantly less taxing on our lungs.
Eliminating smolder lowers your herb costs.
Transformative Experience
Supportive ecosystem!

The Neo

Having the Neo for a couple months now, I have have found some timing and heat preferences that have been consistently extracting unique flavors. One technique I have been getting better at is timing one hit at level five without overheating the material. Timing and how much airflow is needed combined, has given some really unique tastes when I time it right.

Overall I am amazed at how effective the Neo is when it comes to flavor and potency.

Neo Leather Case
Ginger Bier (New Jersey)

The leather case adds a touch of elegance. The soft, pliable leather makes storing the Neo easy. A snap closure keeps everything inside protected. Great add to a smooth device. It should keep the Neo looking good indefinitely.

The Neo
Jerry Chiu (Colorado)

Great pairing with my Sticky Brick. Nice work Prrl Labs!

The Neo
Martin Miller (New York)
A Better “Mousetrap”…

Quality built.

No waste…use less and results are 🤪

For me, a short and successful learning curve.



Buy Extra Batteries

Like to Haves…want to haves…need to haves…

An add on bowl would be great…

Cool Accessories so I can spend more money…

Free passes to a massage therapist for the hell of it…

Great Job!

The Neo
Steven Blackwell (California)
Very personal customer service

Very patient and eager to teach !!! Very well made product that is great for medicating ✌️✌️

The lighter of the future.

The Neo really is an impressive and versatile device. Being able to use a myriad of different glass bowls, pipes, basically anything really is just amazing. Great flavor and great customer service as well. Being able to still keep the ritual of smoking without actually smoking is a great way to relax.

The Neo
Pete Farrelly (Indiana)

I dig it so far. Great directions. Thanks for working hard on the improvements.

The Neo
Enja (Florida)
Smooth Smooth Flavourly Hits

If you take long, slow hits using this I promise you won't be disappointed. You will get the most smooth, delicious hits without the harshness!

The Neo

I have many vapes. The neo is right in line with the vapor production of dynavap. Just on a larger scale.

The Neo
luis (Texas)
my impressions after a week or so

the neo feels substantial in the hand. there's some getting used to, to get a proper grip on it while putting it on a pipe or bowl. but i got the hang of it i think. i'm afraid i may drop it, i'd like to have some sort of loop on it, to put on my wrist, like you see for small cameras. i have been vaping for awhile, mainly the pax2, davinci iq, the dynavap and the mflb, so i'd retired a bunch of old glass pipes and bongs because i wasn't smoking anymore. it's nice to dust off some gorgeous glass and put them back in the rotation. the great thing, the glass doesn't get all gunked up, just a quick brush out and it's clean again. so far, it's fit every pipe and bowl except for the very smallest, like on the proto-pipe or one-hitter bowl. there's a small learning curve, i don't know if the three diamonds setting or the two is better but it's been fun experimenting. first impressions, i get smooth vapor from it, sometimes at the higher temps the pax2 can get harsh and so can the dynavap but this one, i haven't had one harsh draw yet. admittedly i've not pushed it to the 4th diamond setting.

The Neo
Cup (Wellington)

The Neo works awesome 👌👏😎
Pairs well with almost everything.

Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowl
Sidewinder (California)
Back to the Future

I've been through several vaping systems and each time I thought I was on the cutting edge of vaping. After finding each of them lacking in some way I ended up lighting a bong again. When I saw the Neo I instantly knew all the problems I'd had with other vape systems were solved and ordered a complete outfit with the bubbler. Having a background in Aerospace and being grounded in physics I could see the vapor-path was unimpeded and relied on the user to draw heat down through the material, rather than have the heat-source under the material to potentially ignite it. I'm so confident this will be my system I purchased extra bowls in case I drop one on the tile. The 14mm bowl allows you to use this system with all your existing glass. I received my Neo and have been using it for about six weeks. My glass cleans up super easy and there's never any resin or exotic cleaners needed - salt and alcohol does it all. If you are a medical user you will not wait more than one (1) minute for your relief.

The Neo
M (California)

So far, I've been using the NEO for about 2 weeks. My first impression is the build quality. The fit and finish is awesome. Using the device welcomes a hard hitting session or two without a blip.

Although I'm still learning the different temps and amount of material to use, having a good seal is key,. I was hoping to find a better bowl/slideto use before I did this review, but I think I've had enough usage to state the results of my time with the NEO.

The flavors I have achieved thus far with and without water, are incredible. It's it's own experience. The difference between the NEO and combustion is night and day. I tried combustion after the NEO and could not believe combustion was what I used to do.
With this, I won't be going back because even with hemp wick or plasma lighter, the flavor just doesnt compare with the NEO.
I even could taste the ultra pure butane gas.
So long combustion.
I used the NEO with setting 1 and went up the ladder. The range of flavors before combustion is broad and taking the time to go through each temperature point maximizes the time of potency and session. I am getting more out of the material than ever before. And since I have 2 spare batteries on top of the included one, there is no lag time.
Awesome job Prrl labs! And thank you for making an on demand heating device that extracts the essence and potency of a plant based material.


The Neo
Adam (Maryland)
Surpassed Expectations

I’ve had my Neo for a few weeks now, and I’ve almost completely switched from combusting flower. It really works as advertised. Honestly, the learning curve isn’t as steep as they suggest, if you already use a water pipe or bubbler it’s pretty intuitive. I got a big delicious hit of vapor on my first try. It works well with most of my glass bowls using the adapter, but it’s even better with the tailored 14mm Purr bowl and no adapter. I would definitely recommend Neo to anyone who is on the fence, or who has been disappointed with other flower vaporizer systems.

The Neo
Atif Sarwar (Illinois)

I absolutely love this thing, after trying so many different vapes, this one is the endgame for me and was exactly what I was looking for.

Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowl
Mark Haelig (New Jersey)
Love it!

The Neo from Prrl Labs is awesome. I haven't quite mastered it yet, so not every hit is great, but it really works as promised. I turn it up to 5 diamonds and I use the silicone adapter (even though I have the special bowl piece) because I think it makes a better seal. Once I perfect my technique, this thing will be a cloud machine. I highly recommend this product.

The Neo
Peter Fisher (Oregon)
Perfect vapor!

The Neo has proven to be well worth the purchase price. I also grabbed one of the Schott Borosilicate 14mm Bowls, which is a perfect addition to my heavy glass bong. With a slight very short learning curve I have been able to produce incredible tasting inhales every time. I liked it so much I went ahead and just purchased one of the leather cases to keep it safe. I found that it works best for me if I leave the silicone sleeve on permanently. I use this to vaporize cannabis for medical reasons and I am so pleased with the performance. It is so cool that it has turned all of my smoking pieces into vaporizers! And it performs as well as the best vaporizers that I previously purchased. Thank you.

Neo Leather Case
M F (Kansas)
The Neo Rocks!

This thing kicks ash! Love the concept and form factor. Unmatched flavor and the build quality is solid. Quick heat up and very user-friendly. I highly recommend along with the beautifully crafted leather case! :-) Review Medals