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DIY Neo repair kit

DIY Neo repair kit

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Plan ahead! This kit provides you a solution to fix your Neo's chimney and replace the coil if you get the dreaded "no atomizer" message.


1 replacement quartz chimney
1 bamboo shim stock
1 replacement heating coil
2 replacement screws 


Replacing the chimney is easy:

1) Remove any remaining bonding ceramic from the inside of the Neo's zirconia head. Be careful of not damaging the coil!
2) Make 3+ bamboo shims from the shim stock.
3) Insert the new chimney with larger side DOWN.
4) Insert bamboo retaining shims between the chimney and the Neo's zirconia head at three equidistant positions. Push shims down equally until very snug. 
5) Trim off any showing shim material with sharp knife or box cutter.


Replacing the coil is a bit more challenging, but quite doable. 

1) Remove the battery.
2) Remove the Neo's zirconia head by tapping firmly around the top edge with a hard plastic mallet/hammer. Continue to do this until you see a gap widen between the zirconia head and the cooling fins.
3) Twist the zirconia head back and forth to completely loosen the bonding materials. Then, pull the zirconia head off of the power unit.
4) Remove the two retaining screws and pull off the coil assembly.
5) Using pliers, pull out the old coil from the ceramic disk.
6) Insert the wire leads of the new coil into the ceramic disk. Then, insert into the tops of the power stanchions. Tighten screws snugly, but do not over tighten! 
7) Remove any old adhesive material from the finned connector and from the inside of the zirconia head.
8) Apply a thin layer of high temperature silicone (or regular silicone caulk) to the upper base of the finned connector.
9) Mount the zirconia head onto the finned connector and rotate into position. 10) Allow the silicone to cure fully before using. 


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