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  • Bamboo Terp Surfer with extra quartz herb capsule
  • Bamboo Terp Surfer with titanium docking ring and quartz herb capsules removed
  • Bamboo Terp Surfer with titanium docking ring and quartz herb capsules removed
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Prrl Labs, Inc.

Terp Surfer Pipe

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The Terp Surfer is unlike any other smoking pipe

The vast majority of pipes are meant for combustion and have a single hole at the bottom of the bowl. The Terp Surfer uses swappable quartz herb capsules that have 18 holes to spread the airflow evenly. This optimizes extraction and results in rich, dense vapor that’s loaded with flavor. The capsules are easily cleaned and can be pre-loaded with different blends for sampling, or for longer sessions with friends. 

It may be used as a traditional pipe, but if you want to experience next-level flavors, consider pairing it with the Neo atomizer for a smoke-free 'smoke'. The Neo fits perfectly with the magnetically attached titanium docking ring, which may be removed for easy cleaning.

The Terp Surfer's wooden body is reminiscent of a surfboard - it has great balance and sits comfortably in any size hand. The wood adds a beautiful, organic feel while also being an amazing insulator. This minimizes the build up and loss of essential oils due to condensation, resulting in less cleaning. 

What's in the package?

  • 1 wooden Terp Surfer deck
  • 1 titanium docking ring
  • 1 quartz dosing capsule (additional available)
  • 3 high temperature silicone o-rings

About the name

The Terp Surfer’s name is a reference to what you can do with your own breath when using it in combination with the Neo. The airflow from your inhalation determines the taste and density of the aromatics and active ingredients. So, with a little practice, you can “surf” the full spectrum of flavors.

As you may know, plants secrete terpenes from glands in order to repel predators and lure pollinators. These terpenes are volatile aromatic oils that give strains their distinctive flavors like citrus, berry, mint, and pine. There are as many as 100 different terpenes in a high quality flower, making it one of the most complex plants in the world!

Some terpenes promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others promote focus and acuity. They are believed to act in concert with each other and with cannabinoids to produce the “entourage effect”. Their differences can be subtle, but terpenes can add great depth to your appreciation of the flower. They may also add therapeutic value to cannabis, based on their unique properties.

Many terpenes are immediately destroyed or violently changed when exposed to the intense heat of a flame. But, the Neo heats your herb more gently so that the rich variety of terpenes can be preserved and appreciated…which is what we do when we “terp surf”.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gary Juelich II (Missouri)
Great products

The pure taste is remarkable. Solid product and the size of the pipe is perfect for heat placement.

Ethan Ouimet (Oregon)
Fantastic Device, Incredible Experience

There are a lot of products on the market that market themselves as being “vaporizers”, but in fact most are not truly vaporizing your cannabis. That’s not the case with the Neo, and wow does it accomplish true vaporization so well! It’s easy to use, gently heats your cannabis, produces amazing flavor, and is an all around enjoyable experience. It works perfectly with the Terp Surfer and I also had success using it with other glass devices as well (however the glass insert bowl design of the Terp Surfer makes for optimal use of your material).
I’m very impressed with the design and engineering of the device as well. Heat management in such a small form factor is a challenge but I never felt any safety concern with the Neo when operated properly. The single button operation is great and swappable batteries are a plus too.
I’d highly recommend this device as an addition to your cannabis consumption routine, it’s a truly unique and wonderful experience.

Dave Myers
The Neo + the Terp Surfer = MAGIC

I received one of the first Neos, and I’ve loved it since day one, but when I received my Terp Surfer it took things to a fantastic other level! The flavor and clouds It produces are truly phenomenal, and I highly recommend, that if you’re a vaper or looking to move from combustion to vaping, you pick up this combo!!!

Jamie Toth (Oregon)
Great Device that Creates Amazing Experiences

The Neo transformed my vaporization experiences into more than I had even hoped! Since this revolutionary device allows me to use my own glassware and other cannabis ephemera, my favorite rituals with beloved pieces remain intact!

The Neo with the Terp Surfer creates delicious vapor that shows off the amazing flavors that craft cannabis has to offer in an easy to clean design. The Terp Surfer and the Neo are literally made for each other, and the two create a delightful flavor and experience that will have you coming back for more.

The thoughtfulness of both the Neo and the Terp Surfer make them an exceptional way to enhance your cannabis experience.

Frank Martinez (Florida)
Surf Ze Terpssss

Ok, so you might've read reviews about the Neo not sealing right for certain pipes or after the hash burns thin. This experience made the Neo enjoyable for a bit, but for some people -like myself- since it didn't work for the entire session, you kinda ended up smoking the last bits with good ole' combustion (lung tar). Fast-forward and I see this surf pipe come into the product line and I had serious doubts about shredding that much money on a pipe... but i did, because after thinking long and hard — it just made sense. Why? Because I knew the Neo provided the almost-perfect hash experience and the pipe was that "almost." You know when you have a great idea and it turns out to be just what you had in mind (great) and you feel super stoked about it with a great sense of pride that your intuition worked... well, this was exactly that. Not only does the Neo work for the ENTIRE sesh, but it also makes it seal PERFECTLY... i have had so many perfect sessions with so much flower taste, it's honestly ridiculous. With combustion, I had to clean the ceramic bowl of my clemson pipe every other session... with this combo (Neo + Surf pipe) I haven't cleaned it not even once. Amazing. Buy it. You wont regret it.